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  Chicks Beach is a Locals Public Beach located in Virginia Beach along the Chesapeake Bay offering breath taking views of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with many Vacation Rental Homes available, shallow clear water beaches and four restuarants that span the spectrum from 5 star to great Bar and Grilles.

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Visiting The Area? Things To Do

Obviously the premier attraction of the Chesapeake Beach areais the beach itself. Miles of soft sand, stunning sunrises over the Atlantic, the sigh of the waveswhat more could any vacationer desire? However, one can even tire of paradise after a while, and the more adventurous or those wishing for more of a structured vacation may be looking for other things to do in the area with which to supplement their time on the beach. Luckily, the vicinity is well-stocked with plentiful attractions!


Virginia is deeply and intrinsically connected with the history of the United States as a whole. Archaeological evidence uncovered relatively recently at Cactus Hill, not far from Richmond, suggests that humans have been settled in Virginia for at least 16,000 years. These millennia of human occupation have not failed to make their mark on the state. In the sixteenth century, Virginia’s position on the East Coast made itattractive to settlers from Europe, and Virginia was the area the English chose to stake their colonial hopes on. Ever since, Virginia has been a key player in the history and fortunes of the United States. There is plenty of evidence of this history to be seen in the Chesapeake Beach area. Cape Henry Lighthouse, for example, has been standing since 1792, and can be found near the ‘First Landing’ site at which English settlers disembarked in the New World in 1607. It’s well worth checking out. If you prefer more modern history, the Military Aviation Museum has some incredible and well-explained exhibits. Or, if you like a bit of ghostly mystery with your history, you could try theOld Coast Guard Station, which offers ghost tours to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end (as well as being very informative!).

Nature And Scenery

If you love marine life, you could do a lot worse than to visit the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. It comes very well recommended, and visitors are known to enthuse about the diversity and general wonderment of the species living therein. The aquarium is set up with regards both to the viewing experience of the visitors and the comfort of the animals, and works incredibly well to the satisfaction of all. A brilliant day out! Alternatively, you could visit the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, and enjoy the unspoiled peace of this beautiful location while hopefully getting to see some of Virginia’s wildlife free and at peace within Nature. Or you could hit the road and head out to take in Virginia’s unquestionably breathtaking scenery. Virginiais blessed withsome absolutely stunning road trip routes! If you do choose to head out on the road for the day, be sure to acquaint yourself with the driving bylaws of Virginia, and tohave your transport preparedso that you can get back to the beach!


Virginia Beach and its surrounds is certainly not short of cultural entertainment.Cirquesa Dreamquest puton an absolutely phenomenal show, incorporating elements of traditional circus expertise, beautiful storytelling, and modern effects. It’s sure to blow your mind and its reputation precedes it, so try to book in advance! If you prefer something more sedate but no less inspiring, there’s the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. This is an inclusive and well laid-out gallery with an impressive collection of wonderful contemporary artworks. Well worth a visit for all art lovers! There are also comedy clubs, theatrical venues, and even amurder mystery dinner theater! Finally, the area is very well stocked with restaurants, bars, eating venues, and general venues in which to fill your time and your belly - so you can throw yourself into the culture of Virginia in the most inclusive way possible! All in all, Virginia Beach and its surrounds has more than enough to keep even the most limited attention span happy and occupied and, in the unlikely event that you run out of things to do the beach will always be there to welcome you back with open arms! After a long few days exploring all that East Virginia has to offer, you may well find yourself in need of some beach-based relaxation!



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