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  Chicks Beach is a Locals Public Beach located in Virginia Beach along the Chesapeake Bay offering breath taking views of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with many Vacation Rental Homes available, shallow clear water beaches and four restuarants that span the spectrum from 5 star to great Bar and Grilles.

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Green Parrot Grille in Chicks Beach has a new site design posted. Check out the Entertainment Calendar, Great food specials and follow them on Twitter.

How About A Jog With Your Dog?
Taking your dog with you for a day out to Chicks Beach can be a fun and relaxing experience. As well as enjoying yourself on the beach why not use the opportunity and the beautiful scenery and open space to get some exercise for yourself and your dog. Exercising together can be a great bonding experience.

Keeping active
There is a saying that ‘a tired dog is a well behaved dog’. Providing your dog with enough exercise prevents them from developing destructive or hyper behaviors. Some dogs require more exercise than others but all breeds and ages benefit from daily activity.

Jogging with a dog is a great way for you both to get some good exercise. Bear in mind the breed of your dog. Small dogs with short legs shouldn’t be walked or jogged as long as larger dogs. Likewise dogs with short noses can have trouble breathing when exercised vigorously. Young puppies and large breeds of any age shouldn’t be taken on long runs as the impact is too hard on their joints. However, if you have a dog that is capable of running, jogging with them will be a good health boost and an enjoyable experience for both of you.

Another consideration you need to take before hitting the beach with your dog is how well behaved they are. You need to be confident that your dog will heel when told to do so. A beach can be full of temptations and interesting smells for a dog, such as pic nics, other dogs, playing children, sandcastles and perhaps even a barbecue! Can you trust your dog to stay at your side? If not, do a bit of training before you hit the beach together.

A healthier option
Taking a dog for a run on a beach has benefits for man and dog over running on a sidewalk or road. The soft texture of the sand is better for your joints as the sand absorbs much of the impact. It also makes it more challenging and a better workout as your legs have to work harder to combat the movement of the sand as you run.

Easy does it
Even if you are a seasoned runner, bear in mind that your dog may not be used to running long distances. Just because he is used to short spurts of running around a park, or in the garden doesn’t mean he is capable of running for an extended period of time. Remember to warm up before each run, and then as your dog’s fitness levels gradually increase you can lengthen the distance you run.

A gentle warm up before the run can also serve as an opportunity for your dog to sniff interesting smells and relieve himself so he doesn’t need to stop mid-jog. If you find your dog is having trouble differentiating between a leisurely walk during which he can stop and sniff whatever he likes, and a jog for exercise purposes, then you may find it useful to have one leash for walks, and another for serious running.

Remember to keep an eye on your dog’s behavior while out for a run. His natural instinct will be to keep up with you, even if he is tiring. It’s important you don’t push him too hard. If he tries to stop, pants heavily or is no longer running in a straight line, then let him stop as they are usually signs that he is overdoing it. Allow him to rest and give him water.

Avoid the sun
Due to the very nature of beaches they are exposed landscapes and don’t provide much shade from the sun, and Chicks Beach is no exception. So in particularly hot weather only run with your dog in the morning or the evening, not the heat of the day. Dogs don’t sweat to regulate their body temperature, they pant instead. Panting isn’t as efficient as sweating so even if you aren’t feeling the heat make sure that your dog isn’t overheating. If you do suspect that your dog is suffering from heat exhaustion get them to a cool and shady place and get them to the vets for medical attention as quickly as possible.

It's important to remember that there are a number of things that could happen while out with your dog that could require a visit to the vet. Your dog could get into a fight with another animal, he could get a sharp piece of glass or shell imbedded in his foot, he could eat something like seaweed which can be dangerous for dogs. No matter how careful you are accidents do happen. It's worth making sure you have pet insurance so you can enjoy your day out safe in the knowledge that if you do have to visit the vets, it won't be costly, thus giving you peace of mind.

Plenty of fun to be had
Of course jogging isn’t the only form of exercise you can do with your dog at Chick’s Beach. A game of fetch with a ball or frisbee can provide hours of fun, although will be better exercise for your canine friend than you. A dip in the sea can be enjoyable for both of you, but remember that dogs don’t generally cope well with waves. Keep an eye out for jellyfish, we know to steer clear of them but your dog might not.

Thinking of others
Finally, it goes without saying that while exercising with your dog on the beach you need to remember to be courteous towards other beach users. Remember to always carry a plastic bag in case your dog does foul on the beach. Keep your dog under control at all times. A dog that chases children or eats pic nics will not be popular and neither will you! It may be a good idea to keep a few dog treats on you in case your dog does become ‘distracted’ and you need to regain his attention.

Happy times
After a few weeks of regular running together you and your dog will both feel healthier and happier and will be looking forward to your next jog on Chicks Beach.